When it comes to CSR,
your #1 asset is your people.

With MicroEdge AngelPoints, they can be your #1 resource to make a difference.


With MicroEdge AngelPoints, AAA increased employee volunteer participation by more than 900%
When your employees get behind something, there is no limit to what they can do. It is because of them that you are able to achieve your business objectives. Now you can incent them, inspire them, and involve them in your CSR efforts —and watch as you meet and exceed your goals more easily than ever before.

AngelPoints makes it easier for you to bring your people together, so you can make a bigger difference. Our end-to-end Corporate Social Responsibility solution can help you:

  • Increase participation in your employee involvement programs
  • Create stronger connections with the community
  • Efficiently track and measure your true impact

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Running an Effective Corporate Volunteer Program with AngelPoints Volunteering
Roger Hancock, Corporate Volunteer Manager at AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah Insurance Exchange and Debbie Prince, Volunteer Manager, Land O'Lakes discuss how they put the AngelPoints Volunteering solution to work for them. Attend this webinar to learn best practices, tips & tricks - and how to get an effective volunteer program off the ground at your organization.
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Learn How to Start and Advance Your Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts
MicroEdge now offers the most robust and integrated charitable giving solution in the market! Join us to learn more about AngelPoints, MicroEdge's full Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solution, and how the solution can help you in your volunteering, employee giving, and sustainability goals.
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American Airlines: Improving Employee Engagement
and Involvement with AngelPoints Volunteering

How Can MicroEdge AngelPoints Solutions Help You
Effectively Manage and Grow Your CSR Programs?

Below are three great resources that provide helpful insight into how to effectively grow and manage your CSR programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Who and What’s at Stake?
Effective Strategies for Managing Your Employee Volunteer and Engagement Programs with MicroEdge AngelPoints
Using a Rewards Program to Recognize and Motivate Your Employee Volunteers
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“AngelPoints met all of our needs. We’ve never had a reason to look anywhere else.”
– Debbie Prince, Community Involvement Coordinator