Erica Eisner Kosova

Crown Family Philanthropies


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Erica Eisner Kosova - Crown Family Philanthropies

Erica Eisner Kosova,
Grants Manager,
Crown Family Philanthropies

Erica Eisner Kosova is Grants Manager at Crown Family Philanthropies in Chicago. Founded in 1947 by Henry Crown and his brothers, it is characterized by its giving in the areas of Education, Arts and Culture, Human Services, and to Jewish organizations in the United States and in Israel. With a long, rich history, Crown Family Philanthropies is well known across the region for the numerous lives it has touched over the years.

Erica’s role at the foundation covers a broad spectrum of responsibilities and job functions. Whether she’s managing the foundation’s GIFTS database, processing grants, providing valuable support to the foundation staff, or managing Crown’s Employee Matching Gifts Program, Erica’s day is rarely dull. Plus, her function is critically important to the stability and sustainability of the foundation’s operation. By maintaining accurate information about the organization’s grantmaking and presenting it in a useful and meaningful way, she ensures that foundation staff and the Crown family get the information they need to make the insightful, informed decisions that are vital to the foundation’s success.

As Erica celebrates her 10 year anniversary with Crown Family Philanthropies in March, 2012, she can reflect back on a decade with one of the best employers she’s ever had the pleasure to serve. “The Crown family is incredibly warm and generous,” she says. “They and the executive staff are supportive and appreciative of the work we do. We are encouraged to take initiative, be self-motivating, and participate in professional development opportunities whenever we can.” Erica truly enjoys the ability to make the world a better place. “I may not have the financial wealth to make change happen, but I am fortunate enough to be able to dedicate my career to improving the quality of life for our society.” Crown Family Philanthropies has given Erica the opportunity to be a part of something greater, and this is why Erica’s work is not just a job. It’s a calling.