AngelPoints Volunteering

Promote Your Employee Volunteering Program


Accelerate your employee volunteer program with an easy, intuitive web-based solution that allows for faster and more efficient program management, a greater understanding of your social impact, and multiple ways to track and demonstrate your success.

With AngelPoints Volunteering you can:

Increase participation

Target the right employees by promoting relevant events that match their specified interests and skills, location (work or home), or business unit (i.e. tax preparation assistance for the Accounting team).

Manage more efficiently

Slash the time you spend creating and promoting events, analyzing surveys, managing rosters, wait lists, and more.

Engage your employees

This intuitive, streamlined solution makes it easy for your employees to get involved. And your employees can use the mobile app, VolunteerMe, to manage their volunteering efforts anytime, anywhere.

Customize your solution

With AngelPoints Volunteering, inspire participation with customized images, links, and text for each event. Set company goals and track them in real-time. Allow employees to compare their individual volunteer goals against the average and top volunteer at the company. Modify event options and enable surveys to collect valuable employee feedback. And more!

Demonstrate your impact

Custom reports and constant insight through dynamic dashboards updated in real time make it easy to quantify your impact and share it with the community you serve.

AngelPoints Volunteering Add-ons

Rewards: Recognize volunteers with reward merchandise and grants to non-profits

CRA: Manage Your CRA Compliance To Securely Boost Your Rating

Single Sign-On (SSO): Make It Seamless For Your Employees To Access Our Platform