Powerful Employee Involvement Solutions


AngelPoints is an effective and integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solution that will help your organization mobilize the collective power of your employees to make a positive impact on your people, your company, and the world.

The AngelPoints integrated platform provides the tools you need to effectively drive programs that will change the way your people and your customers perceive your company. Excited, engaged employees are worth millions to your bottom line. We give you the technology you need to rally employees, encouraging them to be more involved with your volunteering, giving, and sustainability programs. And we allow you to gain efficiencies and utilize fewer resources in the process, ultimately saving you time and money and allowing you to make a greater difference.

AngelPoints Volunteering

Accelerate your employee volunteer program with an easy, intuitive web-based solution that allows for faster and more efficient program management, a greater understanding of employee engagement, and multiple ways to track and demonstrate your success. Increase those levels of success with a boost in engagement – ease of use and the ability to monitor and track individual and group progress inspire employees and encourage involvement.

AngelPoints Giving

Increase participation and the impact of your employee giving programs while keeping program management and processing costs down. AngelPoints Giving offers employee giving, matching gift, and disaster relief solutions with an engaging user experience and easy-to-manage platform, backed by secure administration of the donation process.

Sustainability ›

Boost morale, attract top talent, and reduce costs with a workforce sustainability program that encourages your employees to conserve resources, reduce their carbon footprint, connect with their communities, and improve their health and wellness on a daily basis.

360 degree view across all your CSR programs

Use AngelPoints in tandem with MicroEdge's GIFTS Online cloud-based grantmaking system and maintain a comprehensive view into the impact of all your CSR efforts—employee engagement and grantmaking—all in one place.